A&L Lab

A&L Laboratory was our highest earning fundraising team in 2016 – thanks for your support!

Help us reach more students: Fundraise for the Urban Runoff!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit our CauseVox page and click on the “Create a Fundraising Page” if you’re just getting started, or “make a donation” if you would like to donate to one of our participants’ pages. 
  2. Create a log in or sign in if you are already a CauseVox user.
  3. Name your fundraiser and set your goal (we suggest $200 so you can get your race registration reimbursed – see details below).
  4. Use your dashboard to customize your fundraising page! The links on the right will help you edit your fundraising blurb explaining why you are supporting this important cause, add photos of you having tons of fun at the race or on the water (or both!) and give fundraising updates. 
  5. Share, share, share! Email your friends and family. Post the link to your fundraising page on social media. And re-email and re-post because people can be forgetful.

Need more fundraising tips? We’re here for you!

We’ll even reward you for your efforts!

Individuals who raise $200 or more will be reimbursed their race registration fee! Teams must raise $200 per member to get the reimbursement for all of their registrations.

We will also accept fundraising donations (cash or checks made out to “CCSWCD”) at the registration table on race day.

About our cause:

Clean water education programs provide students with hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons about water in both the classroom and outside. Lessons focus on the role water plays in our ecosystem and in our community. Students also learn how they can keep water clean. For example, students explore pond life to determine how clean the water is, learn about healthy lawn care practices to reduce water pollution, or assess their campus to determine the school’s impact on local water resources. These programs impart other transferable skills that will last a lifetime. For more information, please visit our education page.

What students are saying about our programs:

“I had a chance to take learning about the environment into my own hands.”

“I liked how much we learned about all the [lawn care] practices…I will now carry all this useful knowledge with me for the future.”