Urban Runoff 5K

2017 Registration opens soon!

We’re super excited to announce that the Urban Runoff was named one of the “most fun and unique 5Ks in 2016!”


What’s the Urban Runoff 5K all about?
Our community – healthy, economy, way of life – depends on clean water. Polluted runoff threatens the health of Maine’s lakes, streams, rivers and bays. Runoff happens after any rain storm, and in Maine we see a lot of runoff in the springtime when the snow melts.
On April 22, 2017, we’re bringing a new kind of Urban Runoff to Southern Maine! Runners and walkers will hit the streets and trails in Portland for the 6th annual Urban Runoff 5K race and walk to raise awareness of water pollution and raise money to support clean water education in local schools. The date of the Urban Runoff was chosen to coincide with Earth Day and spring’s “first flush” of stormwater pollution. And what better way to end a race than with a celebration? The Urban Runoff leads directly into the City of Portland’s Green Neighbor Family Fest!

Fundraise for this year’s Urban Runoff to help clean water education programs grow! Raise $200 and be reimbursed your registration fee! 

Join us – help preserve our communities, health and Maine way of life by keeping our water clean!

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